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Round Four : Results

The round four results are in.

All players have submitted their answers and all players successful completed all eight puzzles.

The winner of the challenge and the eliminated player only comes down to what order players submitted their answers.

Keep in mind that Gobbolina won a reward for winning the round three challenge.  Her reward was to be safe from elimination this round.
Gobbolina came in Second place however, so her reward was not needed.  Congratulations!

(scroll down to find out who the winner is...)

The winner of Round Four is...


Congratulations on winning Round Four Carol.  You submitted your answers the fastest which makes you the winner.   Unfortunately you are unable to pick up a new reward as you have been blocked by another player's reward.  The right to brag is all yours though!

Emmy, Chel or PiluncraeshgT, one of you will be eliminated and leave the game today.

(Scroll down to find out who)


The player who submitted their answers the last and is eliminated is...


I'm sorry Chel, but you did not manage to get your answers in quick enough to secure your place in the next round.   You are eliminated from the game.   Thank you for playing and being such an active player.   I hope we see you again in a future game.   Please feel welcome to follow along with this game and watch to see who wins.

The next challenge wil be posted 29th January at 20:00 AEDT (Handy link to world clock to help convert to your personal time zone if you are interested - CLICK HERE).
You are not required to be online at the time the challenge is posted.   However, in the case of a draw the advantage will go to the players who submit their answers the fastest. 


Jan. 29th, 2015 07:24 am (UTC)
So happy to hear that feedback, thank you!
Perhaps we will see more similar puzzles in a future game :)