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Round Five : Results

The round five challenge has come to completion. 
Only three players will go on to play in the next round. 

The player who managed to get the highest score and is the winner of round five is...

(Scroll down!)


With a mighty impressive score of 160, Carol is the winner of round five.
Even though Chel has been eliminated, her reward to block Carol from gaining any rewards for the rest of the game remains in play.
Congratulations Carol.

Gobbolina, piluncraeshgT and Emmy.   One of you will be eliminated.

Find out who...(scroll down)


Unfortunately Emmy has been eliminated and will not continue on to round six.  
Thank you for being an active player the whole way through Emmy. 
I hope you give the game another go and join us again in a future game.
All the best!

The final scores were as followed:
Carol: 160
Gobbolina: 87
PiluncraeshgT: 70
Emmy: 58
(the comment section on the original entry have been unscreened.)

The next challenge wil be posted 5th February at 20:30 AEDT (Handy link to world clock to help convert to your personal time zone if you are interested - CLICK HERE).