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Round Seven : Challenge

Welcome to the the seventh and the final challenge.

Two players remain in the game, the winner of this challenge will be the winner of Season Two at dog_eat_dog_lj.

This is the "Truth vs Lies" challenge.

This challenge will be in two parts.

For the first part, you are required to comment on this entry (comments are screened) with ten true one or two sentence statements about yourself.   You are also asked to make five one or two sentence false statements about yourself.    Mix the truths and the lies up to make a list of 15 numbered statements.   After your list, let me know which numbers on your list are the five false statements.

Your statements can be anything you like, keeping in mind that anything you share is open to public viewing, it is completely up to you how personal your statements are.

Here is an example of what I might say in this challenge.   I have only provided a list of six, but remember that yours must be 15 (ten truths and 5 lies).

1.  I went to circus club as a child.  I can competently juggle four balls at one time.
2.  My favourite colour is Red.
3.  I named my daughter after actress/comedian Lucille Ball
4.  I once broke a bone, but didn't even know it until I had an x-ray years later for an not related matter.
5.  I honestly believe I've seen a ghost in real life.
6.   I believe in love at first sight.

Two of the above statements about myself are lies.    In case of a draw in this challenge, we might use my list so I won't give away which two just yet.

Once you have both commented with your lists.   I will post them to the community and your job will be to take a guess at which statements from the other player are true and which statements are false.   The player who correctly guesses the most correct will be the winner.