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[sticky post] Season Three : Sign Up

This is the entry to sign up to play in Season Three.

New and previous players are welcome.

If this is your first time playing and you are unsure how the game is played...
Read about game play under this link!Collapse )

Are you interested in signing up to play in the next game?
Sign up under this link!Collapse )
It has been a while since the last game. We are still looking for players before we can begin.

I encourage everyone to consider signing up for the next game.

Cannot wait to get it started :)

Season Two : Feedback

To all players who joined us in playing Season Two.  I thank you for putting in the effort and crossing my fingers and toes that you had a little fun while you were in the game :)

I have fun making up little challenges and rules, but we are still a little fish in a big fishbowl, so there is always room for improvement.    My goal is to make each season more enjoyable than the last, which is why I welcome any or all feedback.

This entry is optional, but you are welcomed and encouraged to fill out the poll below the link, and leave any comments on this entry.

I will take player's opinions into consideration when designing future games because if anyone knows how to make this good game great, it is the players!

The Feedback PollCollapse )

I will make a post in the next couple of days regarding the search for new players to sign up for the next game.   I sincerely hope to see some familar names pop up for the next game.   Thank you again, I have had a great time hosting and look forward to doing it all over again.


The Winning Announcement!

Round Seven has come to an end, as has the whole of Season Two.

Two players competed to in round seven, but only one of those players can call himselves, 'The Winner of Season Two'.

Who has won the game?   Find out under the link.




Results!Collapse )

Round Seven : Challenge : Part Two

This entry is for Part Two of the Round Seven Challenge.

Under the link you will find 15 statements made by the other player.    Ten of the statements are true, but five are false.

Your task is to read each statement and answer the poll asking if you believe it to be a true or false statement.

You are required to answer false to five statements and True for ten statements.

One point will go to each correct answer.

The Winner of this challenge will be the winner of the entire Game.   Good Luck!

Carol - Answer this pollCollapse )

Gobbolina - Answer this pollCollapse )

Round Seven : Challenge

Welcome to the the seventh and the final challenge.

Two players remain in the game, the winner of this challenge will be the winner of Season Two at dog_eat_dog_lj.

This is the "Truth vs Lies" challenge.

This challenge will be in two parts.

For the first part, you are required to comment on this entry (comments are screened) with ten true one or two sentence statements about yourself.   You are also asked to make five one or two sentence false statements about yourself.    Mix the truths and the lies up to make a list of 15 numbered statements.   After your list, let me know which numbers on your list are the five false statements.

Your statements can be anything you like, keeping in mind that anything you share is open to public viewing, it is completely up to you how personal your statements are.

Click here for an exampleCollapse )

Once you have both commented with your lists.   I will post them to the community and your job will be to take a guess at which statements from the other player are true and which statements are false.   The player who correctly guesses the most correct will be the winner.

Round Six : Challenge

Welcome to the round six challenge!

You are the final three and the challenge you are about to play is the "Leap Frog" challenge.

At exactly 21:30 AEDT 11th February the challenge will come to an end and the final two players will be known.  To find out what time that would be for yourself - CLICK HERE.

There will be no winner of the challenge since rewards cannot be used in the final two challenge anyway, but one player will be eliminated.

To avoid elimination you must comment on this entry.   The comments can be anything at all, the content of the comments is irrelevant.    At the exact time the challenge has ended the player who gave the least recent comment will be eliminated.   To be safe from elimination you will want to make sure that your comment is either the most recent or the second most recent. 

Hint:  You can click on the 'Track this' button for this entry to keep an eye on this entry.  This will send notifications to you through e-mail if you choose to do so.   Once you see another player comment, log on and give a comment yourself to make sure you keep your comments the most recent.

Any questions, please ask!

Good Luck!!!

Round Five : Results

The round five challenge has come to completion. 
Only three players will go on to play in the next round. 

Find out the results.Collapse )

The next challenge wil be posted 5th February at 20:30 AEDT (Handy link to world clock to help convert to your personal time zone if you are interested - CLICK HERE).

Round Five: Challenge

Welcome to the round Five Challenge.

This is the 'Quick Click' Challenge.

I am going to direct you to a website where you will find a simple game.   The game will ask you to use your mouse to click in the box as many times as you can for a 10 second time frame.   You can have as many turns as you like.   Once you have found a score that you are happy with, take a screencap of your score then post the photo as a comment on this entry (comments are screened) as evidence.  The score I will go by is the personal best score that is found at the bottom right of the game box.

The winner of the challenge will be the player who scored the highest.   In the case of a draw, the winning player will be the player who submitted their answer the earliest.

The eliminated player will be the player who scored the lowest.  In the case of a draw, the eliminated player will be the player who submitted their answer the latest.

You can only submit your score to this entry the once, so please make sure you are happy with your score before you comment with it.

The maximum time allowed for this challenge is one week: 4th February at 20:00 AEDT (Handy link to world clock to help convert to your personal time zone if you are interested - CLICK HERE).  If all players submit their answers before that time then results will be posted earlier also.

As always - if you have any questions.  Please Ask!


If you are unsure on how to take a screencap - Click Here for a website that can help explain.

Good Luck!

Round Four : Results

The round four results are in.

All players have submitted their answers and all players successful completed all eight puzzles.

The winner of the challenge and the eliminated player only comes down to what order players submitted their answers.

Find out who under the link!Collapse )

The next challenge wil be posted 29th January at 20:00 AEDT (Handy link to world clock to help convert to your personal time zone if you are interested - CLICK HERE).
You are not required to be online at the time the challenge is posted.   However, in the case of a draw the advantage will go to the players who submit their answers the fastest. 


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