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Round Six : Challenge

Welcome to the round six challenge!

You are the final three and the challenge you are about to play is the "Leap Frog" challenge.

At exactly 21:30 AEDT 11th February the challenge will come to an end and the final two players will be known.  To find out what time that would be for yourself - CLICK HERE.

There will be no winner of the challenge since rewards cannot be used in the final two challenge anyway, but one player will be eliminated.

To avoid elimination you must comment on this entry.   The comments can be anything at all, the content of the comments is irrelevant.    At the exact time the challenge has ended the player who gave the least recent comment will be eliminated.   To be safe from elimination you will want to make sure that your comment is either the most recent or the second most recent. 

Hint:  You can click on the 'Track this' button for this entry to keep an eye on this entry.  This will send notifications to you through e-mail if you choose to do so.   Once you see another player comment, log on and give a comment yourself to make sure you keep your comments the most recent.

Any questions, please ask!

Good Luck!!!


Feb. 11th, 2015 06:25 pm (UTC)
Shoot, missed it. Had fun playing though!